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Bit Klecker
Art Director + Designer

The Marcy Agency

  • The Marcy Community Center
The Marcy Agency is a community agency program that empowers 12 young adults aged 16-24 to explore the world of advertising. Through hands-on exposure to various agency roles, these budding talents will gain invaluable skills that create stepping stones towards promising careers and brighter opportunities. The program is more than just passive learning; it's about equipping them with tools to shape their futures.

By actively participating in the design and production of the project, student takeaways extend beyond theoretical knowledge: they gain practical experience and acquire technical skills that support a deeper understanding of the industry.

I created a simple brand system to tether the program. It's grounded in Repeater, a typeface inspired by nuts and bolts, and an energetic yet grounded color palette. The monogram is sturdy, and inspired by arches and doorways to signify the program as a pathway to the creative industry.

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