A Minnesota-native doing creative things in Brooklyn, NY.

Headshot of Bit Klecker
Bit Klecker
Designer + Creative Projects Lead,
Inkling Agency • Brooklyn, NY
Formally trained in graphic design, self-taught digital + film photographer, with education in mass communications + strategic marketing, I'm curious about any design medium that tells your story.
A bit more about me
My day starts with espresso and a good run.

Similarly, the day is considered a success after a few cappuccinos, a couple pastries, a long run with a friend, a nice long sprint with my dog, a creative endeavor, and a bedtime of 9:30pm.
What else do you do?1/4
Outside of my creative pursuits, I spend most of my time long distance running. My entire family are runners, and I ran throughout middle, high school, and college. Post collegiately, I'm having fun continuing to test my athletic limits and have lofty goals of breaking 16:00 in the 5k, 34:00 in the 10k, and qualifying for the Olympic Trials marathon.
How does that make you a better designer?2/4
Running has taught me many things throughout my life—teamwork, hard work, dedication to process, goal setting, etc etc. Beyond that though, it has given me community in ways I could have never experienced without it. Runners are a very specific type of person, yet are also some of the most unique people I've ever met. As much as fresh air and tired legs make my brain ready to design, connecting with so many unique people consistently does the same.
You're a photographer?3/4
Correct! My first creative discipline was photography. I still pursue it to this day; I'm a professional wedding photographer and also enjoy carrying around film cameras on the day-to-day like your average Gen-Z Brooklynite.
Where do you see yourself in the future?4/4
Thankfully, I have no idea. I love being open to where life's both insignificant and life-changing decisions take me; right now that's New York City. What I do know though, is that my life will be filled with creativity, surrounded by smart people, in a city that inspires me, and with enough time in my day to run 8-10 miles and spend a few hours with my dog.