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Bit Klecker
Art Director + Designer

Save Gopher Sports

  • Save Gopher Sports
In September 2020, the University of Minnesota athletic department made the decision to cut three non-revenue sports: men’s track and field, men’s tennis, and men’s gymnastics. Overnight, my teammates and I started a campaign to reinstate the teams. We had two weeks to convince the regents that cutting these teams affected the lives of past and future athletes dramatically and went directly against the University’s tenet of equity and inclusion.


I created a recognizable and flexible identity for social that leaned on typography and vintage photos of the team to speak to the rich history of the men's track and field program. The variable typeface created posters that stood out on both walls and social media.

Today, the fight continues. In an attempt to avoid a lawsuit, Mark Coyle and the University of Minnesota Athletic Department submitted a last minute proposal (9am before the 11am vote) to reinstate indoor track only. This saved the program from total collapse—however the fight to save track and bring it back to full capacity continues via the hands of alumni and athletes.

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