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The brief

I had the incredible opportunity to create a brand identity for Saint City Running, the second store of the infamous Mill City Running owned by Jeff and Bekah Metzdorff. The goal was to create an identity system that would reflect the history and legacy of St. Paul while also leaning towards modern communities and forward thinking.

The Solution

Working closely with Jeff and Bekah, we exchanged many emails and critiques before landing on a suite of three logos - a stacked logotype, a script logotype, and a black-letter style monogram. The main logo, the stacked slab-serif type, gives the identity a strong, timeless base. It's customized type to feel sturdy and personalized, similar to the old-build homes and neighborhoods that surround the store. From that sturdiness come two more playful iterations - the script logo and the monogram. The script logo's custom type is thick and free-flowing, speaking to the abundance of community that Mill City and Saint City have created for the greater Twin-Cities running community. Lastly, the monogram! Rooted in a lot of history with a fresh take, it includes a small star nodding to the location of the shop in Minnesota's capitol.

The result is an identity system that reflects the values and offerings of Saint City Running while also capturing the essence of St. Paul's rich history.

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Designer: Bit Klecker
Owners: Jeff & Bekah Metzdorf

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