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Bit Klecker
Art Director + Designer

Google at ADCOLOR 2022

  • Creative Theory, Google
Creating spaces where people feel a sense of belonging is crucial to fostering creativity and innovation. Google's activation at ADCOLOR was this sentiment in action. The activation provided event attendees with a space to see themselves at ADCOLOR and foster a sense of belonging using Google's RealTone technology.

Inkling was hired by Creative Theory Agency to help design, render, and fabricate the activation. The activation was anchored around a bold photo moment, where photographers took attendee photos with Google Pixel phones, which provided a look behind the RealTone technology. This was a great way to showcase the brand's products while also creating a memorable experience for attendees. As a designer, my role was to help design the booth graphics for the activation. This involved several key tasks, including:

Laying out the messaging to effectively communicate the brand's values and offerings.

Designing the photo moment: I created a visually striking photo moment that would capture attendees' attention and encourage them to engage with the activation.

I collaborated with our production team and creative director to create physical designs that would enhance the overall experience for attendees, from the booth layout to the signage.

Overall, my goal was to create a cohesive and engaging experience for Google that would leave a lasting impression on attendees.

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