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Bit Klecker
Art Director + Designer

Studio Everyday

  • Studio Everyday
Studio Everyday's design philosophy centers on elevating the ordinary, finding beauty and purpose in the simple things that often go unnoticed. This core value is reflected in the creation of a custom wordmark that embodies trust, strength, and security. The mark itself is a testament to simplicity and clarity, yet incorporates unique details that inject a touch of personality, ensuring it remains approachable and avoids a sense of self-importance.

From founder Chad Meyer: "Everyday is workwear from the 60s-70s, its DIY punk t-shirts that use repurposed and DIY imagery, it’s black leather and a dress shirt. We are serious and we are professional. At home at a dive bar or a Michelin Star. Everyday is simple and not complicated. We can count on everyday because it is there for us everyday. We don’t have to think about it we trust it and are secure in knowing that we can count on the everyday."

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  • Founder, Chad Meyer | Producer, John Gory